our story

the idea

one day when jeff was struggling deeply with his mental health, he couldnt understnad why he felt so lonely hanging out with his friends. he looked around surrounded by his girlfriend and friends so he asked himself, how could he feel so alone? what he didn't know at the time was that his not yet diagnosed depression was causing this feeling. 

the idea of the brand came along as jeff sat thinking about this feeling he now often felt. it made him feel like the "loneliest man on earth" although he wasn't. so he looked up who was the loneliest man ever, he found that michael collins was a "often forgotten astronaut" who was on Apollo 11. this was the birth of the first idea of our main logo. 

a couple of months later after his lonely feeling seemed pretty at home jeff decided to reach out for help. he found that thankfully he was in a position where he could access it, a position that more than half of the planet has no access to. after finding this out jeff decided that he had to help, help the many that could afford what they needed or couldn't reach the help they deserved. so thats why he decided to give twenty% back to this lonely earth, so people could find help especially where it wasn't as easily accessible. 

what it means

loneliness does not mean being alone but the feeling that no one around is actually there for you. i started this brand with the hope to build a community that would help people know we are actually here. we strive for everyone to comprehend what loneliness is, that it is extremely normal and okay. our brand represents growth and most importantly help, knowing that anyone that represents it is willing to help and grow.